Some Thoughts

November 10, 2008

I’m getting to the point in life where drag and drop is how I get through the day instead of

something you do on a computer.

The song “The Girl From Ipanema” makes me want to buy guns.

I can’t listen to Patsy Kline singing “I go walking, after midnight” without wanting to

scream, “She’s asking for it!”

I’m post geek, but pre-AARP.

My computer is slow, but it gives me a chance to catch up on things while I’m waiting for it to boot, like finish college.

One should never have more icons on their desktop thoughts in their head.

I have never discovered the delicious difference of bison, used a shamwow, or put a kinoki pad on the bottom of my foot. God, I have to stop watching infomercials.

Two young women overheard talking in a coffee shop: #1Sarah is so stupid. #2 She can’t be that stupid, she’s not pregnant. #1That’s because I wait for her to fall asleep and punch her really hard in the stomach.

My latest joke: What did the abominable snow man say when asked if he was ready to go? Not yeti.

Once More With Frehley

July 13, 2013

A bank is looking to foreclose on former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley‘s home in Yorktown, N.Y. In the filing, the bank claims Frehley has not paid his mortgage since March 1, 2011 – No idea why I added this story. Except it fits with the title of this blog – Kent

Ever notice how no one ever says, “There’s got to be less then this.”

I found a web site The Good Deeds Organisation. Sadly, it has the same ten good deeds on a roll up screen. I’m going to stick with it, though, even if only to be able to say, “Hey, I was there when there were only ten good deeds on here.”

Planning a book on military budgeting called, “Oh, Here, Just Take It”